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Allianz Global Assistance welcomes visitors to our site. We understand that visitors may have concerns regarding the confidentiality and security of personal information provided to Allianz Global Assistance. It is important to us that visitors feel confident that their personal information will be treated with the necessary degree of confidentiality. Protecting your privacy is a top priority for us. This privacy notice explains how and what type of personal data will be collected, why it is collected and to whom it is shared or disclosed. Please read this notice carefully.

This notice applies to any person who has requested from us, or offered to provide a guarantee for, any product or service offered by us in Canada. This includes individuals carrying on business alone or in partnership with other individuals and signing officers of our business customers.


We are responsible for the personal information we collect and we have designated a Privacy Officer who is accountable for our compliance with applicable privacy legislation.


Before or at the time we ask an individual for personal information, we will identify the purposes for which it will be used or disclosed.


We require an individual’s knowledge and consent for the collection, use, or disclosure of personal information, subject to certain legally permitted exceptions. Depending on the situation and the sensitivity of the information, we may obtain your consent in different ways. Express consent may be obtained verbally, online or in writing. Implied consent may be obtained through your use of a product, or when you approach us to obtain information, inquire about or apply for products, or services from us.


We limit the collection of personal information to that which is necessary for the purposes identified to the individual. Types of personal information may include first name, last name, address, date of birth, telephone number, email address and potentially sensitive personal information including medical information.

Either before or when Allianz will collect information about you, Allianz will explain how Allianz intends to use it. Allianz will limit the information Allianz collects to what Allianz needs for those purposes, and Allianz will use it only for those purposes. Allianz will obtain your consent if Allianz wishes to use your information for any other purpose and before collecting information from third parties such as credit bureaus.

Your information is used to help Allianz manage products and services you have with Allianz or to contact you about products or services you may be interested in having with Allianz. Your information is also used in order to satisfy valid information requests from regulators and other organizations or individuals who are legally entitled to make such requests. Should you be purchasing the policy on the insured's behalf, Allianz Global Assistance and the insurer may require the personal information of the insured to administer the benefits of their coverage. By providing the insured's personal information in the application, you are confirming that you have obtained the insured's consent to provide this personal information to Allianz Global Assistance and the insurer.


We will only use or disclose an individual’s personal information with their consent (or as required or permitted by law) and we will only retain the individual’s personal information as long as necessary for the purposes for which it was collected.

Allianz gives a limited amount of information, only as necessary, who provide services to you, through Allianz. These suppliers and agents may be located in Canada or other jurisdictions or countries and may disclose information in response to valid demands or requests from governments, regulators, courts and law enforcement authorities in those jurisdictions or countries.

Allianz may release information in response to a search warrant, court order or other demand or inquiry which we believe to be valid. This may include requests from regulators, including self-regulators, who are responsible for ensuring Allianz is in compliance with applicable regulations.

Allianz may also disclose information to any person or organization, including an investigative body, in order to prevent, detect or suppress, financial abuse, fraud, criminal activity, protect our assets and interests, or manage or settle any actual or potential loss or in the case of a breach of agreement or contravention of law.

The length of time Allianz retain information varies depending on the product or service and the nature of the information. This period may extend beyond the end of your relationship with Allianz but only for so long as it is necessary for Allianz to have sufficient information to respond to any issue that may arise at a later date or for legal or regulatory purposes. When your information is no longer needed for these purposes, we have procedures to destroy, delete, erase or convert it to an anonymous form.


We use our best efforts to keep an individual’s personal information accurate, complete, and up-to-date. Having accurate information about you enables us to provide you better service and minimize the possibility that out-of-date information may be used to make a decision which impacts you. We have procedures and practices in place to help us maintain the accuracy of your information. For most updates, we rely on you for information. You can help by keeping us informed of any changes, such as if you move or change telephone numbers. If you find any errors in our information about you, let us know and we will make the corrections immediately, and make sure they are conveyed to anyone we may have misinformed. For information that remains in dispute, we will note your opinion in the file.


We protect an individual’s personal information by appropriate security safeguards. We have security standards to protect our systems and your information against unauthorized access and use. When we provide information in response to a legal inquiry or order that we believe to be valid, we disclose only the information that is legally required. All employees of Allianz are familiar with the procedures that must be taken to safeguard customer information.


We will make specific, understandable information readily available to individuals about our personal information policies and practices.


Upon request and upon satisfactory identification, we will give an individual access to the existence, use, and disclosure of that individual’s personal information and the individual may request corrections of any inaccuracies in such information. Please note that we may not be able to provide information about you from our records which contains references to other persons, is subject to legal privilege, contains confidential information proprietary to Allianz, relates to an investigation of a breach of agreement or contravention of laws, or cannot be disclosed for other legal reasons.

If you have any questions regarding decisions made about you, we will tell you the reasons for those decisions. If we relied on information from a third party, such as a credit bureau, to make the decision, we will provide you with the name and address of the third party.


An individual is entitled to contact our Privacy Officer for more information about, or to challenge our compliance with, any of these principles.

Attn: Regional Data Protection Officer

700 Jamieson Parkway

Cambridge, Ontario

N3C 4N6

Information we collect on our site

Non-personal information is collected to track the total number of guests visiting this site and to guide our efforts to improve our site. This information is used exclusively for our internal purposes and is not disclosed to any non-affiliated third parties.

We will not share an individual’s personal information without the individual’s consent. When a purchase is made online with us, we will use the individual’s personal and credit card information to process the individual’s travel protection purchase. During the enrolment process, Allianz Global Assistance may need to obtain personal information from an individual, such as their medical history information in order to determine their eligibility to purchase the travel protection. In addition, Allianz Global Assistance may disclose this information to certain third parties for purposes related to the enrolment, provision of assistance services or claims and adjudication. We will not disclose or sell any of the individual’s personal information, including the individual’s name, address, credit card number, shopping, or transaction history to any third party without the individual’s permission.

Whenever we transfer your personal data for processing by another Allianz Group company, we will do so on the basis of Allianz approved binding corporate rules known as the Allianz Privacy Standard (Allianz BCR) which establish adequate protection for personal data and are legally binding on all Allianz Group companies. Allianz BCR and the list of Allianz Group companies that comply with them can be accessed here

Encryption Technology

Advanced encryption technology is used to provide the highest standards of confidentiality and safety over all transactions including credit card and personal information. By purchasing travel insurance on our secure server, an individual is protected by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 128-bit encryption, utilized by most popular browsers, including Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer. This technology allows us to use advanced encryption tools to protect information transmitted between an individual’s computer and our server.

Use of Cookies

A cookie is a small text file stored by a web site on an individual’s computer that can be used for authentication, storing preferences, shopping cart contents, the identifier for a server-based session, or anything else that can be accomplished through storing text data.

Links to Other Web Sites

Provided for convenience, our site may contain links to other Web sites. We are not responsible for, and make no representations with respect to the privacy practices or statements, or otherwise regarding these or any other Web sites. We encourage all individuals to read the rules and policies of the sites they visit to further understand their procedures for collecting, using and disclosing personal information.

Privacy Legal disclaimer

Though we make every effort to preserve an individual’s privacy, we may need to disclose personal information when required by law. In such instances, we will take the utmost care to disclose only that information that we are legally required to disclose.

Use of Service Providers Outside Canada

For information about how to obtain access to written information about our policies and procedures with respect to service providers outside Canada, please contact us at The Privacy Officer will be able to answer any questions about collection, use, disclosure or storage of personal information outside Canada by service providers for or on our behalf.

Modification of This Privacy Policy

This policy is developed in the context of evolving and changing law and Internet technologies. Accordingly, these policies are subject to change. Any changes will be posted on this page. An individual’s continued use of this website following the posting of such changes constitutes their agreement to such changes. For more information on Allianz Global Assistance's privacy policy as it relates to the Personal Information Protection Electronic Documents Act, and the EU General Data Protection Regulation as well as other applicable privacy legislation, please contact us at:

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